Holiday Courses Summer 2021

We are delighted to be able to offer Intensive Swimming Courses during the Summer Holidays 2021, for Level 3 and above.

  • Week 1: Monday 26 July – Friday 30 July 2021
  • Week 2: Monday 2 August – Friday 6 August 2021
  • Week 3: Monday 9 August – Friday 13 August 2021

Level 1 & 2

Whilst we are awaiting further clarification on running Levels 1 & 2, we are compiling a waiting list. Anyone wishing to register interest in either of these levels, please complete the form here.

Summer Holiday 2021 Timetable

To book please complete the online booking request form. 


Swim School

Due to Covid-19 our Swim School is not currently running weekly lessons. 

Our swimming lessons are taught by qualified instructors following the Learn to Swim Scheme, a nationally recognised programme. It is designed to enable children to learn a wider range of skills, as well as focusing on swimming shorter distances using good stroke technique.

Swim England runs parallel with the national curriculum swim programme taught in schools. The award scheme runs from a foundation stage through to competitive swim levels (at stage 10).  

You can view full details on the official Swim England website at See below for our level descriptions and enquiries form.

Group Lessons

During term-time we run weekly group swimming lessons, for beginners all the way through to pre-competition level. Our Level 1 classes start from four years old and we run up to Level 8 which is pre-competition level where swimmers could choose to progress into a swimming club. Our group lessons run after school Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and on Saturday mornings.

Private Swimming Lessons

  • One to one Swimming Lessons are a great way to help your child develop their water confidence and refine stroke technique. Suitable for all, from a total non-swimmer to squad level and advanced.

  • Two to one Swimming Lessons are a great way for two children of similar ability to work together to improve their swimming, and other skills such as diving. 

Group lessons level descriptions

Level 3 (Class duration 30 minutes): Awards: ASA Stage 3 / 4

For children who can very confidently swim 5m+ on front and back without aids.

Aiming to achieve: Water safety knowledge, rotation and to swim a distance of 10m on front and back and a distance of 5m basic Breaststroke.

Level 4 (Class duration 30 minutes): Awards: Stage 5

For children who can very confidently swim 15m on front and back in deep water, and 10m Breaststroke.

Aiming to achieve: ASA expected standard leg action on all strokes and swim Front Crawl, Backstroke and Breaststroke with regular breathing for a distance of 25m.  

Level 5 (Class duration 30 minutes): Awards:  Stage 6

For children who can swim 25m Front Crawl, Back Crawl and Breaststroke with regular breathing and 10m dolphin leg action.

Aiming to achieve: Sculling skills, and swim all strokes to ASA Stroke Standards for a distance 50m Front Crawl & Back Crawl, 25m Breaststroke, 10m Butterfly.

Level 6 (Class duration 30 minutes): Awards: Stage 7

For children who can perform all strokes to the given standard as directed by the ASA, and swim a distance of 50m.

Aiming to achieve: Improving stamina and maintaining technique across all four strokes, learning and developing skills like Diving, Sculling and Tumble turns.

Level 7 (Class duration 30 minutes): Awards: Stage 8

For children who can perform all strokes to the given standard as directed by the ASA, and swim a distance of 50m-100m in Front Crawl, Back Crawl & Breaststroke and 25m Butterfly.

Aiming to achieve: developing quality stroke technique up to 100m. Developing starts and turns.

Level 8 (Class duration 60 minutes): Awards: Stage 9, 10

For children who can complete the following:

  • 200m in 6 minutes using recognised completion stroke;
  • 50m in 70 seconds;
  • 25m Butterfly with basic technique;
  • 4 x  25m individual medley;
  • Plunge dive;
  • Has learnt the basics of tumble turns.

For more information please contact us.