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  • The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for visitors attending the Sports Centre during the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Guidelines will be updated from time to time following advice from Sevenoaks School, GOV.UK or relevant Governing Bodies.
  • Risk assessments are updated in accordance with any changes.

 ACCESS, PROGRAMME & BOOKINGS                                                                                      

  • The facilities are not currently open to visitors during the school term. Holidays have limited access with key focus on U18’s.
  • You must not come to the school if you, or anyone within your household or support bubble are displaying COVID-19 symptoms. Refer to  for latest advice. You are required to temperature check prior to leaving home.
  • Visitors must be pre booked prior to arrival, either through the Sennocke Centre or Visiting Sports Club’s booking coordinator.
  • We are operating a drop and go arrangement unless you have been advised by the Sports Centre to remain on site, currently this only applies to swimming lessons.
  • Please do not arrive on campus earlier than 10mins before your registration time and please leave promptly after, as parent gathering is not permitted at this time.
  • Should you need to discuss your session with your coach or have a general concern not answered on the day please email, once you have left campus:

    • Visiting sports club (hirer) – via contact details provided by your club or their website.
    • Sennocke Centre lessons – via who will respond or forward to your activity specific liaison.

  • We operate the NHS track and trace system. Thank you for downloading your APP in readiness.  
  • Participants should arrive Swim or Gym Ready. A private shared area will be provided for participants who may need to undress down to swimwear. Pool uses should shower before arrival where possible. For everyone’s safety, swimmers should not wear perfumes, hair products or excessive toiletries, and a pre swim rinse will be mandatory. Parents will be permitted to assist small children as social distancing must be upheld and it must be swift as this may impact swimmers lesson duration further.
  • Spectating in or near the sports facility is not permitted. Under 8’s should be registered with a staff member before you leave them. Participants who need assistance may be accompanied by one other person.    


  • Posters will be displayed informing visitors and staff social distancing, personal & facility hygiene protocols.  
  • Additional cleaning and sanitizing measures are in place and common touch points sanitized frequently. The school uses chemical free sanitizing sprays and misting systems where possible. In addition, customers may be provided materials to wipe down kit during their visit.  
  • You may be asked to participate in additional temperature checks.
  • Reception and main thoroughfares will remain closed to visitors, with alternative entry and exit points allocated specifically for your groups use, this will help maintain safety for visitors and staff whilst other cleaning & maintenance is taking place.   
  • Adults & children over 12yrs should wear face coverings at all time within the building & when queuing. Government exemptions apply.
  • Doors may be propped open where it is considered safe to do so and will not affect fire safety compliance.  
  • Class sizes, duration, programme gaps, and room layouts, have all been adjusted to ensure we are minimize the risk of transmission & maximise your safety.


  • Staff are familiar and trained on Sevenoaks School COVID-19 control measures. These measures are supported by Government and Public Health England (PHE) advice.
  • Additional hand sanitising stations have been placed throughout.
  • Staff and Visitors will not be asked to share or handle equipment or clothing which has not been sanitized first. Your instructor will list what equipment is provided and this will be sanitized between users. You should assume if it is not listed you must bring your own items.
  • Facemasks are mandatory for all staff operating within the building, with additional equipment provided where 2m distancing can not be maintained. Staff may remove their PPE if their role / duties require it.
  • First aiders will mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission, and in the unlikely event that CPR is required additional PPE will be worn by staff.
  • If a COVID-19 case is confirmed, Sevenoaks School will follow procedures advised by PHE guidance.

BOOKING TERMS (please read your full terms & conditions stated at time of booking)

  • Late arrivals may affect the duration of your lesson/session, and in some cases where cleaning protocols or warm up has been missed you may not be able to join a group.
  • Sevenoaks School and its subsidiary company reserves the right to amend or remove programme content where necessary. They will not be liable for any costs associated with these changes. Where an activity does not take place credits will remain on the customers account with refunds available upon request.
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