Inaugural Sports Coaches' Forum

In early February the Sennocke Centre hosted its inaugural Sports Coaches Forum.

We welcomed over 25 coaches from a variety of individual and team sports including Sevenoaks Swim Club, Mark Janes Golf Academy, Sevenoaks School PE & Sports Department and Surrey County Cricket Club, among others.

The purpose of the event was to bring like-minded coaches together in a neutral space to share, listen and learn. The proceedings were kicked off by an enlightening talk from Len Busch, Head Coach of the Sevenoaks Suns and SE Region Performance Coach Coordinator and Head Coach.

Len has been involved in basketball for many years and his WBBL Women’s Team are currently at the top of their national league. Having played 12, won 12 so far this season, he’s clearly doing something right. A focused coach, Len, who decided to quit golf because he only got down to a handicap of 4, is passionate about sport and those who play it. It was particularly fascinating to hear Len’s thirst for knowledge and keenness to learn from coaches of other sports. 

The open floor forum, facilitated by Garrath Williams, the Sports Performance & Programme Manager at Sevenoaks School, sparked some lively conversation and demonstrated the power of collaboration and sharing lessons learned.

It was to good hear opinions and different ways that other sport coaches handle certain situations.
Zachary, Head of Junior Development, Mark Janes Golf Academy

It has been some time since I coached children, but I found a lot of the issues and questions raised have a crossover into coaching adults too.
Paula, Director of VO2 Maximum Ltd

As well as thanking those who attended, we’d like to thank Allenby Coaches, Creative Production and Sevenoaks Sports Magazine for supporting the event.