Tim Perfect - Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

I’m Tim, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor at the Sennocke Centre. I have been working in the leisure industry for several years now, starting off working as a Leisure Attendant in a range of leisure centres then progressing onto becoming a Fitness instructor a few years later. I spent a year working as a Fitness Instructor before moving over to Sevenoaks School. I have recently qualified as a Personal trainer and I hope to progress my career further within the leisure industry. I also run some of the Fast Classes that the school currently operated, from Boxing to HIIT sessions, helping people to reach their fitness goals and to make sure that their training regime stays fresh and interesting.

Having worked in variety of different environments within the leisure industry I believe that I can bring my growing knowledge base into the Centre and create an atmosphere where members and staff feel welcome and encouraged to do well in everything they do.