Himal Bhujel

I am Himal Bhujel, Commercial Booking Officer and a part time Personal Trainer here at the Sennocke Centre.

My family is from Nepal with a Gurkha Heritage. I was born in Hong Kong whilst my father was serving in the British Army there. I went to boarding School in India for the most part of primary and secondary school.

I can fluently speak Nepalese, Hindi and English.

I have 5 years of retail management experience and I believe I am good with people and a very good team player.

I love Body building and Boxing. Bodybuilding to me is like an art form. Why not create a physique like the statues of the Greek gods, as you only live once. Visualise it, make a plan, work for it, and stay disciplined and consistent.

“Hard work beats talent” is what I strongly believe in.